sattler-reflect-fabrics-4Sattler awning fabrics offer more than just shade. They protect you from sun and weather. They constitute a central design element in your house or business, or in your surroundings. Sattler fabrics create atmosphere. They give you the living space you need, for many years.

sattler-solid-color-fabric-4This is why Sattler has chosen to fuse sensuality and function. Our fabrics are sophisticated high-tech products for the highest demands, and come in a timeless designs and a wide array of models. In brief: “thinking highTEX”. Our quality promise for your premium shade.


No performance fabric is better or better made than Outdura.

We use only 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber. Solution dying is a unique process in which the pigment or dye is added, along with UV stabilizers, while the fiber is still in viscous form. This locks the color in so that it cannot be faded by the sun or bleached out with chlorine bleach. Solution-dyed acrylic is a natural at resisting stains. And as a further enhancement, we add stain release finishes making it even more stain resistant. Mildew is not a problem for Outdura either because acrylic will not support the growth of mildew.

To give our fabric durability and a great look and hand, we use only ring spun yarns and staple cut fiber.

Ring spinning has long been recognized as the premier method of producing yarns. Fabric made from ring spun yarns are softer, bulkier and more natural feeling and looking than fabric made with filament yarns of polyester, olefins or any other synthetic fiber. These fabrics are one dimensional, slick and lifeless when compared to fabrics made from ring spun yarns. We also use all two ply yarns. Two ply yarns add strength and durability making the fabric more abrasion and pill resistant.

Would it be cheaper for us to weave Outdura out of yarns and fibers made by other methods?

Certainly, but then you couldn’t enjoy your outdoor fabrics near as much or for near as long. At Outdura, it’s not what costs us the least to make our fabric – it’s what gives you the best outdoor fabric for your money. Its that simple. Outdura also provides a UV protection rating (UPF) of 50+ which is as high as the ratings go and more than three times as high as the minimum recommended by cancer groups.