Ultrashade and Ultrashade-Lite are vinyl-laminated awning fabrics designed to meet stringent fire resistance standards. Ultrashade’s high strength-to-weight ratio means easier manufacturing and resistance to sagging and stretching. The top coating enhances pressure sensitive vinyl receptivity and prolongs the fabric’s life. A smooth surface makes it easy to clean and stain resistant.

This high tenacity polyester fabric is the perfect solution for virtually any awning job big or small. The material is American made by a laminator with over fifty years of experience. IIS has sold the Ultrashade Plus product over the past 14 years with great success. The material has proven itself to be a great product of choice for many outdoor applications. Our improved hybrid coating has the following attributes of acrylic and urethane. It allows the best performance features of both types of polymers. We have found it enhances plasticizer resistance, stain resistance while providing excellent exterior weather ability characteristics. This along with our ultra-smooth top surface we have found this to be a key feature when it comes to the material staying clean. The barrier that the top coat creates helps by not letting most dirt and settlements into the material. Also with the new top coat the change with the cleaning and maintenance process of the material is made easier. A regular maintenance program is recommended over the life of the material and will help in keeping the material at its peak look and performance.

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