EzeBreezePorch-Enclosure-Picture1There are many different ways to enclose a deck, patio or porch. Porch Enrooms, 3 season rooms, screen rooms and options in between such as 4 track vertical or horizontal sliding clear vinyl windows and drop curtains. An all season room is a room that is completely insulated and can be enjoyed year round. The 3 season room is just that, a room to enjoy Spring, Summer and Winter. They are typically not as well insulated in the ceiling, or the floor, or maybe just used a leaser insulating product. Screen rooms can have stationary screens, retractable screen, motorized screens or drop curtain screens. The sliding clear vinyl windows are fully screened metal frame windows that have clear vinyl panels that can be slid over to provide 50% to 75% ventilation. Drop curtains are fabric, vinyl or clear vinyl curtains that can be rolled up or down manually, motorized, or slide along a track. The decisions to choose what product is right for your project should be based upon budget and the about of r value you would like have inside your room.   Whether you’re replacing an existing screen enclosure or adding it for the first time, you can turn those neglected spaces into year-round gathering place.closures let you bring the outside in. There are all season